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Top 5 Things to Consider in a Nurse Staffing App

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Curious about the Best App for Nurse Staffing?

Here are some factors to consider:

5. User Friendly:

  • You want an app that is easy to navigate and that keeps you informed. The DirectCare Shifts app is just that from the beginning of the onboarding process to being an active member of the DCS team and viewing shifts near you. Notifications sent out when a new shift is in your area keeps you in the loop so you don’t miss out on the chance to bid on the perfect shift for your schedule! No more keeping track of paper time sheets, with the DirectCare Shifts app, you can clock in and out of a shift with ease. Our GPS fencing allows facilities to know you are in their building and ready to work!

4. Freedom

  • A nurse staffing app that doesn’t tie you down with strings and conditions can make a huge difference in your choice! At DirectCare Shifts, we understand that life happens. Whether you can commit to as many shifts a month as possible or just want to pick up a shift here and there, our app has no minimum or maximum number of hours you must stay within. That means, you have the freedom and the assurance of knowing that if you are on vacation for a few weeks, your position with DirectCare Shifts won’t be gone when you return!

3. Control of your own schedule:

  • A career as a PRN CNA, LVN/LPN or RN allows you to have full autonomy over your work/life balance! PRN offers you the freedom of making your own schedule and the variety of different healthcare settings. With the DirectCare Shifts app, you can choose day, night or weekend shifts and you will also see a variety of shift lengths. Our mileage feature allows you to control what shifts and where, that way you’re not bogged down with shifts that are out of your intentionally set range. A schedule to fit your lifestyle made simple with DirectCare Shifts!

2. Salary:

  • We all know this is a biggie when choosing a nurse staffing app. There are two major points to consider when dealing with salary: how much and when? How much a PRN CNA, LVN/LPN or RN can make has variables to it. At DirectCare Shifts we keep a competitive edge on pay rates to ensure that you are being paid for your worth. Shifts are listed with a base pay rate and a sliding scale for you to adjust at will and last minute or emergent shifts are posted at slightly higher rates. The ‘when’ of your salary is completely up to you! DirectCare Shifts offers two ways of being paid: weekly direct deposit or rapid pay. With rapid pay, work a shift and receive payment on a predetermined pay card the next day! Both are great options for controlling your finances!


  • And finally, the number one thing to look for when choosing a nurse staffing app is support! At DirectCare Shifts, we truly have your back! Our dedicated team goes above and beyond learning about you and your needs and aspirations, making you one of the DCS family! Have questions or concerns? Our world class customer support is here to help you at any stage, whether it be onboarding, working your first shift or your 100th, a member of our customer service team is just a phone call, text, or email away!

By joining DirectCare Shifts, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Support from our passionate team.

  2. Competitive salary and payment options.

  3. Control of your schedule.

  4. Freedom to be you within our company.

  5. A user-friendly app.

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DirectCare Shifts gives you access to 100's of nursing assistant prn jobs near you!DirectCare Shifts empowers CNA (Certified nursing assistant) to set their pay rate per hour by bidding on shifts. DirectCare Shifts makes it a breeze for CNA, LVN, and RNs to earn good pay by working per diem.

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